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15 Aug


When Practical, Invite Your Kids to Help Cook Dinner


You, like myself, are probably just a bit tired after a long day work.  Instead of getting takeout, which costs the pocketbook and the waist line, invite your kids to help cook dinner.  It’s a great way to lessen your workload and teach your children the ins and outs of cooking.

Here are a couple of tips to help make the time together both educational and fun:

  • Be practical.  Don’t have your child’s first time helping be during the prep of a really complex dish.
  • Start small.  Give your child a small job to start with.   Over time he or she can do increasingly complex tasks.
  • Messes are a reality.  Teach your child to do their job with care and as much precision as possible, but be realistic by understanding that messes are going to happen.
  • Everybody cleans up.  The prep and cooking process are important to learn about, and just as important is proper clean up.  Have your child help out with age appropriate aspects.
  • Stay calm.  No one was born knowing how to prepare a multiple course meal, right?!  Your child wasn’t either, so be patient as he or she learns.  Questions are to be expected.
  • Keep it fun.  You want to foster their interest, right?  I sure do.  Don’t be overly critical and when possible, loosen up a little bit so you can enjoy this time as well.