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14 Aug


Selecting the Perfect Avacado


Maybe your planning to make guacamole, or maybe you just want to add fresh sliced avacado to your salad.  Whatever the reason, selecting the right avacado is crucial enjoying the super-vegetable.

When you visit your local market, be sure to consider the following things while selecting the avacado:

  • Size Matters.  Start by selecting the largest of the avacados.  The seed on the inside is the size of a large marble, so you want to be sure to get the most actual avacado as possible!
  • Feel for Firmness. You don’t want an avacado that is as firm as an apple, but at the same time you don’t want the skin to be loose on the vegetable.  A little give when squeezing is just what you are after.
  • Avoid Old Age.  An old avacado starts to turn bad on the interior, with discoloring appearing along the out edge near the skin.

There you have it, the tips to help you pick a successful avacado the next time you are visiting your local market.  Enjoy!

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